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Friday, October 29, 2010


I like Firefox. I have liked Firefox since Firefox 1.0. All my computers have Firefox, all the work computers have Firefox (because I installed it). It's free, and I get nothing from this endorsement except a geeky satisfaction in being a little different.
What's so great about Firefox?
It just works. That's all. It handles bad HTML well, it's clean and simple, it doesn't get between me and the pages I want to see.
Internet Explorer is over-featured and buggy, IMHO. Like most Microsoft products. It's picky with code, and often loaded with all sorts of toolbar extras I didn't ask for or want.
Chrome, well I haven't tried Chrome, but I don't feel any need to, yet.
Remember Opera? Netscape? AOL? They all had their day. That day is gone.
Safari? Seems to work well on a Mac, but I don't use Macs most of the day.
So what are our readers using? Not surprisingly, they are using what came with their computers, namely Internet Explorer. It breaks down like this on an average day:
  • Windows XP, IE 8: 19%
  • Windows XP IE 7: 14.5%
  • Windows 7 IE 8: 11%
  • Windows XP, IE 6: 9%
  • Windows Vista, IE 8: 9%
  • Windows XP, Firefox 3.6: 7%
  • Windows Vista, IE 7: 5%
  • Mac OSX, Safari 5.0: 3.86%
And the list goes on from there. Here's a few on the bottom:
  • Linux: Chrome 5.0: .01%
  • Windows 2000: Firefox 1.0: .01% (is there a computer museum nearby?)
  • Windows Vista, Safari 4.0: .01% (see, I told you there was no point to this)
  • Windows XP, Flock 2.0: .01% (wha?)
  • And a smattering of Netscape, Mozilla and Opera leftovers.
Fight the power. Go blue and orange.


Anonymous Andy Stettler said...

Chrome is really good but FireFox is much better. Like you said, it "handles bad html" really well. Chrome is fast but I get a lot of errors and sometimes flash videos won't load.

I use Chrome for the extensions. I can have a Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, Blogger, Mashable "app" in the top right corner of the browser which makes browsing a lot faster and easier.

October 29, 2010 at 1:10 PM 

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