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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


It's been alot of fun following the wave of newspaper stories that follow the crew of the Peter Jackson movie, 'The Lovely Bones,' as they worked their way from West Chester, to Hatfield, and now toward Delaware County. They are getting ready to film scenes in a mall there, apparently an old-looking mall since the story is supposed to take place in the 70's. Lucky for our newspaper chain, much of the filming in this area coincides with the circulation area of our newspapers.
Many seem to have their own 'sighting' relating to the shooting - be it one of the stars or more likely one of the props, including a convertible Mustang and a station wagon that were brought to Hatfield on a flatbed truck. One person driving by at night got a glimpse of the set when somebody opened a door. Inside was a house, or at least the wall of a house. One blog claims that Dreamworks executive and uber-director Steven Speilberg even visited the set in Hatfield a couple of weeks ago.
I wonder if he stopped at Tiger's Deli on his way back to the executive jet?
Filming moves to New Zealand at the end of January. I think it is only appropriate that several members of our newspaper's staff travel with the film crew to complete our coverage of this very important story. Don't you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Chris, I think a trip to New Zealand to cover the film is in order. Your pics are so wonderful, imagine what you could capture from the land Down Under?

November 16, 2007 at 12:25 AM 

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