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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yankee Stadium, 1977

I've been to two games at Yankee Stadium in my life. The first, my first major league game ever, was the Mayor's Trophy game (Yankees vs. Mets) sometime in the early 70's.
The second game is the one you see in these photos, game 6 of the World Series in 1977.
This is the game where Reggie Jackson hit three home runs, leading the Yankees to victory and the world championship over the Dodgers.
Despite the presence of dozens of mounted police officers posted at the edge of the field, fans dropped from the stands at the end of the game and swarmed the field, grabbing anything they could from bases to clumps of grass to take as souvenirs.

I remember standing on the subway platform after the game with my father, having a conversation with a guy holding two clumps of grass, dirt dropping from his hands. He was very happy.

These photos were taken with my Argus C-III, probably loaded with Tri-x film. Somewhere I have more photos of this game, and if I ever find them I'll scan some more.


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