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Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm distinguished

Recently you were selected as an inductee into the Distinguished Professionals Online Registry Among Executives. This selection was based on our research committees efforts to identify top professionals around the globe.

Wow! To open your email and find such an honor is a great way to start a week! I bet they really agonized over this decision. Think of all the phone calls they had to make and interviews they conducted.

Consider this: if you make just one contact using the connections and visibility that Who's Who provides, it will benefit you for a lifetime. As we are trying to build a comprehensive network of business professionals, there is no cost for your inclusion. Please click the link below to fill out your basic listing. Our community needs you as much as you need it.

They need me! And I can be included for free! I sure hope they publish a book of all the winners, or something. As Distinguished Professional, I'll probably get a copy for free.

Our registration deadline for this year's candidates is August 31st, 2010. To ensure you are included, we must receive your verification on or before this date. On behalf of our Committee, I salute your achievement and welcome you to our association.

Robert Patterson
Vice President, Research Division

You know, that's coming up soon. I don't think I can chance missing out on this opportunity. Luckily, they left their address, and it's right up in New York! I'd like to meet my fellow honorees, perhaps sit outside the ivy-covered walls of this fine institution, sip some brandy and discuss leadership for the next generation. Their address - 26 Bond Street, Westbury, NY. Sounds regal.

I can't wait to meet Robert Patterson. Maybe he'll show me how to make a million on the backs of a bunch of suckers, just like he did.


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