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Monday, June 3, 2013

Remembering Ken Zepp

If you read my last blog post, Endangered Photojournalists, Ken Zepp is exactly the kind of photographer I was talking about when I wrote these words...

"It's not about cameras or computers or Photoshop - everybody has those. It's about story-telling - like a good writer, a photojournalist wades through a sea of human activity every day and finds things worth sharing, using their vision and expertise to craft images that tell stories in a way that no other medium can. And while some amateurs are actually pretty good at doing this - the pros are out there every day, all day - sometimes even risking their lives to capture everything from the mundane to the spectacular.

Many news photographers I know are the most community-savvy individuals in the newsroom - they are the most visible, have the most contacts, and some of the best knowledge of the areas they cover."
Ken, a quintessential local news photojournalist and a great friend, died this past weekend after suffering a heart attack. He worked for many years at The Reporter, then at The Souderton Independent covering every aspect of suburban life - good, bad, and everything in between - in a way that only a true life-long resident could.

Much has been said and more will be said this week about this friend to many - his life touched so many others not only through his extraordinary photographs, but through his giving spirit, good humor and positive attitude.

 Every time I hear The Who, watch a Formula 1 race or hanker for a Lebanon bologna and cheese sandwich, I'll think of you, Ken. Glad I knew ya.


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