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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Common criminals

Rant of the day: Agressive spam

Hackers who propogate unwanted, aggresive internet traffic, including (but not limited to) various 'trojan' programs that hijack your browser to bring you ads for shady programs that are supposed to stop 'trojan' programs that hijack your browser, are common criminals, and should be treated as such.
They steal our time, the bandwidth we pay for, our hard drive space, and our attention.
I doubt the Federal government has the time or will to deal with this, but certainly the companies that make the software (Microsoft, Sun MicroSystems, and even Mozilla) need to stop over-automating browser software and make it less vunerable. And Microsoft, in particular, should provide anti-virus software FREE with their operating systems. Their product is faulty, and they should step up and help solve the problem instead of allowing others to mine our wallets.


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