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Saturday, June 23, 2012

3rd Annual Lansdale Beer Festival

Who would have thought that little old Lansdale would become a Mecca for...

Craft beer?

Well, it has. The crowds at the 3rd annual Lansdale Craft Beer Festival were a testament to this fact - our humble town, firmly rooted in a white-bread, root-beer tradition, has become the home of one of the largest craft beer festivals outside of a big city. Not only were breweries from locales as far away as the west coast, New England and Great Britain represented, but even more exciting was the variety of local brews available from craft brewers from Philadelphia, Perkasie, North Wales and even Lansdale itself.

If you need it, Google Translate can help you out here.

If you got to the festival early, you got food and a real glass. I settled for plastic.

Somebody needs to have a lesson on how to pour beer properly.

The local crew!

One of my favorites. If you ever in San Francisco, I highly recommend their brewery tour.

Sort of repulsive, but quite tasty.


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