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Thursday, January 10, 2008

In concert

I just posted a story on the Top 20 Concert Tours. Bruce Springsteen leads the pack, followed by Van Halen and Dane cook. Also in the top 10 are Neil Young, Stevie Wonder and Ozzy Osbourne.
I'm not sure why the 20-plus-year-old acts still make so much money; I don't know where the older audience finds the time or money to attend.
Price-wise, the bargain of the bunch (at least among those I have heard of) is Bob Dylan ($54.19 average per ticket). Van Halen tops the list at $112.37 per ticket, and Neil Young isn't far behind at $110.16. The coveted Hannah Montana tickets are only $54.16; unfortunately the parents have to pay as well.
Any way you look at it, it's alot of money to sit on a hard seat in an acoustic cave to see a performer half a mile away while munching on overpriced stadium food.
$112 buys alot of music on iTunes.


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