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Friday, July 30, 2010

A man of many talents

Some sad news rolled across our screens this week - Dr. Fred McConnell, Jr., best known to many in our area as the proprietor of McConnell's Orchard in Woxall, died at the age of 89. This multi-talented man was not only a good farmer, but a respected professor of philosophy for 25 years at Moravian College and a fellow graduate of Boston University.

Visits to his farm were always a treat not just for the delicious produce, but for the chance to spend a little time with the McConnells, who were always as welcoming and helpful as could be. The many friends they had return year after year to help with the harvest was a testament to that fact.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sky scraping

US Airways, who has taken the art of chintzing to new depths in the past few years, announced a $5 charge for seats near the front of their aircraft so you can get off faster.
Which actually sounds sort of reasonable considering how crammed and inhospitable their cabins have become.
In their spirit of buck-wringing, here are a few more suggestions to improve their revenue stream (from whatever passengers they have left):

1. Enhanced oxygen replacement, $4.50.
2. Reserved space in the overhead bin, $6.00.
3. Reserved space in the overhead bin big enough that your laptop computer doesn't form fissure cracks: $12.00.
4. Reading light, $2.00
5. Meet the pilot, $4.00
6. Have the pilot give your child a set of little plastic wings: $3.50 (with meeting)
7. Steer around that big thunderstorm, $3.00 (all passengers must agree to pay)
8. Guaranteed 'no baby zone', $10.00, $20.00 on weekends or all flights to/from Orlando
9. Keep the entire can of soda, $1.00
10. Seat in front of you can't lean back, $8.00
11. Inspirational DVD video of Sully's flight: $17.50
12. Tickets for a competing airline: Priceless


Does anybody else find this disturbing?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mad Men plan the world of tomorrow!

If 1940's ad men (and yes, they probably were all men) had their way, this is the way the world would look by now. Some of it did come true, except the cars looked better then.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Solar panels, now in designer colors

Forget the iPhone, this is really cool. Just think about the potential - walls and windows that soak up light and generate power. Here's the guy who invented it (and just won a major award for his work):